Hiking the Rockies at Nordegg
              (2 hrs west of Kramer Pond Lodge; guides can be arranged)

Generally speaking moving afoot in the mountains can be classified into three categories: climbing, hiking and walking! Since our lodge does not do extreme sport these categories have quite specific meanings. By climbing we mean safe climbing without the use of gear (except for the most basic) at high elevations. Llamas assist with the transport of backpacks but proper footwear and apparel are a prerequisite as are one or two overnighters and a certain degree of fitness! Hiking generally refers to longer walks with much less focus on elevation and with at least one or two nights camping on the trail. Again Llamas assist with the backpacks and less conditioning is required. Walking is the least physically demanding but not to be slighted for here usually the aesthetics is most appreciated. Outings are measured in the span of hours, not days, and changes in elevation are minimal. But even here we like to use Llamas in order to add a few extra comforts not likely to be backpacked into wilderness regions. 

Sr Czech National Orienteering Team at Kramer Pond / the Masters Games 2005. Getting the right coordinates.

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