International NGO in summer 2012 conference

Hack Fest 2007

A rustic, secluded getaway with all the amenities designed for corporations or groups with a small staff. Fourteen bedrooms (five of which are doubles), four kitchens, outdoor oven, eight baths, three hot tubs and two meeting rooms, a pond with boats and good fishing as well as numerous out door activities provide a unique setting for conferences, professional development, specialized tasking, in-servicing or rest and relaxation. Government, businesses, professionals, health care workers, educational institutions, computer companies and art groups have all recreated at our facilities.

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Spas & Scrapbooking getaways for women have become very popular. Manicures, pedicures, facials and massages as well as dining can be arranged through the lodge or the facilities can be rented and guests arrange to "do their own thing". The latter is less costly but much more troublesome to organize; the former more expensive and usually more relaxing. Depending on the season any number of outdoor activities are available.

Corporate Privilege

Corporate In-servicing

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