Kramer Pond Lodge:   Open from April to October with longer term winter leases available

Our Facilities are rustic but include all modern conveniences.

Each lodge is fully self contained with private kitchens, wash rooms, and outdoor hot tubs. In total the lodge has sixteen bed rooms, five of which are doubles. There are also six sofa hide-a-beds.

The Chalet

Chalet Interiors

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Pine Lodge

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Pine Lodge (above) is of manufactured log construction with cathedral ceiling and master bed room in the loft overlooking the living room fire place and piano. It is of 1980's vintage and contains a bath and a half, two bedrooms, each with a double and single, dining area off the kitchen, sunroom, and a front deck.  This Lodge sleeps six and has a single fee for overnight guests up to that number. Behind this lodge is a lawn area with BBQ hot tub, and fire pit overlooking Kramer Pond.  Click here for interiors.

Creek Cottage






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The Creek Cottage is of a timber frame construction, a remodeled vintage ranch house from the turn of the century with a glass enclosed hall edition. This is our largest and most secluded facility. The hall or sunroom has a fireplace and will seat approx. 3 dozen. There is a large hot tub, BBQ and fire pit off the west deck, and a sun deck to the south. This lodge has three bed rooms each with a double and single, and a forth doubling as a laundry. There's a bath and a half, a large fireplace in the living room with piano, and a ranch style kitchen with wrap around oak cupboards. Click here for interiors.

The Cedars

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The Cedars contains four two bedroom units equipped for light house keeping with fridges, microwaves, wash rooms, and cookware. There are no kitchens in these units. Adjoining is an all seasons gazebo with fully equipped kitchen and table setting for 20. Off the deck is a large fire pit and hot tub. All cookware, bedding and toweling are provided. Click here for interiors.


The Wedding Tent

Seats up to 100. Outdoor oven can roast a full pork or half beef and a large portable Outdoor kitchen adjoins. Click here for visuals.